At Elliott Electrical Contractors we have had the privilege of many years of all aspects of wiring. Everything from just changing a light fixture in your home all the way up to industrial machinery. We strive to deliver exceptional service at reasonable prices. We are a fully licensed and insured electrical business working in Massachusetts and New Hampshire will be coming soon. 
We excel and specialize in generator installation, service upgrades, recessed lighting installations, commercial office build outs, and commercial electrical preventative maintenance (inquire about exact services), and offer some limited IT services.

Some of the services that we offer
include but are not limited to:

Service upgrades (100 to 200 amp)

Generator installation (either fixed or standby)

Recessed lighting installation 

Residential and commercial remodels

Heating and air conditioning wiring

Commercial office build outs 

Electric car charger installations

Wiring and service repairs
A. Repairs and or troubleshooting of loss of power. 
B. Diagnostic tests done for loss of power. 

Circuit breaker panel replacements and sub panel installations.

Electrical consultations 

Preventative maintenance on electrical equipment (commercial/ industrial)
A. Scan circuit breaker panels and electrical usage equipment with infrared thermal imagers. 
B. Exercise and test circuit breakers (rack in type), all ANSI regulations followed. 
C. Circuit breaker panel labeling and identifying. 



21312 A

22389 B

(NH coming soon)